Energy Price Alerts


Sygration's Alert Engine monitors the forecast price of Electricity in Ontario, and can alert you via e-mail when the forecast price exceeds a threshold you have chosen, providing generators and consumers an opportunity to respond to higher prices. It is also an ideal way for those companies participating in Demand Response programs, such as the IESO's Transitional Demand Response Program ( TDRP information here ) to receive price alert notifications.

Sample Alert Input Screen

You may enter up to three Alert Price Thresholds. These may be for Energy or any of the Operating Reserve classes.

Sample Alert Email

A typical Alert email received from the Sygration Alert agent would look as follows.

Predispatch Convergence

A Link to the Predispatch Convergence Report is included in each email alert so you can quickly view the recent versions of the predispatch run. As the predispatch is run hourly, any hour's data may have changed up to 36 times.

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