Simulator Comparison

Sygration Market Simulator

The table below shows the features supported in the first release of the Generator Market Simulator. It is compared against the Dispatchable Load Market Simulator, which was released in March 2004.

Feature Generator Market Simulator Load Market Simulator
Bid Support: Energy, OR 10 Spin,
OR 10 Non-Spin, OR 30 Minute
Energy, OR 10 Non-Spin,
OR 30 Minute
Standing Bid Support: Yes No
Optimization: Simultaneous: Energy
& 3 OR Classes
Sequential: Energy,
then 2 OR Classes
Energy Ramp Rate Support: Yes No
RD Filter Support: Yes No
OR Ramp Rate Support: Yes No
Reserve Loading Point Support: Yes
10-Min Spin & 30-Min
Calculation Engine Resolution: 5-Minute 5-Minute
Report Resolution: 5-Minute, Hourly or Daily 5-Minute, Hourly or Daily
$2000 Non-Dispatchable
Load Support:
n/a Yes
Summary Information Monthly Totals &
24-Hourly Profile
Monthly Totals &
24-Hourly Profile
Optional Settlements using
Locational Prices
Yes No
Compare Dispatch to
Actual Generation
Yes n/a
Data Availability 245 Delivery Points,
Oct 2002 - Present
245 Delivery Points,
Oct 2002 - Present

Note: All features of the Generator Market Simulator that result in its improved accuracy will be migrated to the Dispatchable Load Market Simulator in the next release of that tool.

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