Sygration Market Simulators

Sygration's Market Simulators consist of a Dispatchable Load Market Simulator and a Generation Market Simulator. These tools emulate the dispatcher (DSO) used by Ontario's Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) and contain the historical market and congestion data necessary to recreate dispatch and settlements results using bids provided for Energy and Operating Reserve.

Each Simulator allows users to test their load or generation bids and evaluate what their dispatch quantities and revenue would have been had those bids been used for real. This allows the user to understand the impact of certain bids and develop their bid strategy to improve their revenue from the electricity market. In addition, the Generation Simulator can generate a comparison of its output against actual historical generator output data (collected automatically in the Sygration data warehouse); allowing companies to determine how their competition is pricing electricity products into the open market.

The simulator analyzes the historical 5-minute data for the location of choice to determine several key measurement quantities and revenues:

The algorithms used within the Simulator are based on the same Joint Optimization process and rules used by the IESO in its Dispatch Scheduling and Optimization (DSO) application. All calculations within the simulator are executed using 5-minute data, using any one of the 240 available delivery points.

User Access

Access to the Simulator is intended for licensed users only.  Registered users will be granted access to the Delivery Point data they require and have licensed.  Guest users may access the simulator, however, they will be limited to 15 days of data using the BRUCEB-LT.G5 Delivery Point. Contact Sygration to arrange access to the data you require for your analysis.

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