Load Shifting Calculator


Sygration's Load Shifting Calculator is for large electricity consumers that are able to shift their power consumption between hours to take advantage of lower cost electricity rates within a day. All calculations use the latest energy prices for the current day, and the next day. By entering your planned energy consumption (KWh or MWh) for each hour in the Next Trial row, the Calculator will estimate your total energy costs based on the latest price data for the current or next day. Adjust your plan to shift consumption away from higher-cost hours to reduce your total energy costs while maintaining your total daily energy requirements.

Sample Load Shifting Calculator Screen

The Load Shifting Calculator allows you to enter a new load consumption plan and retains the last ten plans. For all plans, it calculates your expected hourly and total daily energy costs for the current or next day. These plans are kept in a database for automatic retrieval each day while the calculated costs are updated automatically to reflect the latest energy prices. You can quickly determine the benefit of shifting your load between hours, while still achieving your company's total daily energy requirements.

The options box in the upper right allow you to select either the current and remaining energy prices for today, or select the forecast prices for the next day. Forecast energy prices are generally higher than what actually transpires because the forecast must resolve the 5-minute peak within the hour and not just the hourly average. To adjust for this error you may select to have calculations use the Pre-dispatch Price Bias, a seasonal price factor set by the IESO which results in a more accurate forecast. See the IESO's information on Price Bias Adjustment Factor for more information.

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