Generator Performance Sample


Sygration's data warehouse captures and stores the hourly generator output and capability of every major generator in Ontario. The Generator Performance report allows users to track their own generators or that of other companies by giving access to the current and historical data.

Sample Station Screen

The Station Screen allows you to quickly view how each unit has been peforming over the last two days. Station ownership and capability information is also provided along with Generator Disclosure data provided to the IESO by the station owner. Clicking on any unit thumbnail will bring you directly to the Generator History screen described below.

Sample Generator History

The Generator History screen provides a larger view of each generator unit's recent performance data, showing both hourly output and capabiltity (MW offered into the market). The default screen shows two days of data, however, you can also select to view detailed data from the past 10 days, or view summarized data for the past 1, 3 or 6 months.

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