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May 5, 2009

New Jumbo Screen

Dashboard subscribers now have access to a new Jumbo screen. It provides a large view of key metrics of the Ontario Electricity Market, including the current price and demand information. It is ideal for running off of a dedicated computer or large screen so the market status can be viewed quickly by several people. You may customize your Jumbo Screen by clicking on the "Edit Layout" link at the bottom-right of the Jumbo screen.

A screen-shot and more information is avaialble at

Subscribers may access the Jumbo application at

May 5, 2009

New Supply Mix 2.0 Application

The Dashboard Supply Mix application has had a major face-lift. This screen synchronizes charts that show fuel supply, demand, imports/exports and prices within one common display. By moving your mouse over the charts, and by clicking on any hour, the application will display additional details for the selected hour; such as changes in demand, or the generators which ramped up or down during the hour. Version 2 has added several new features:

A screen-shot and more information is avaialble at

Dashboard subscribers may access the Supply Mix application at

January 14, 2009

OPG Emissions Forecast Report

A new report was added today to the Dashboard Reports area, called "OPG Emissions Forecast".

OPG Emissions Forecast Sample

OPG has modified its operating strategy to accommodate a Ministry of Energy mandate that its coal-based generation does not produce CO2 emissions in excess of 19.6 Million Tonnes in 2009, and 15.6 Million Tonnes in 2010. This corresponds approximately to a total coal-based generation of 20 TWh in 2009 and 16 TWh in 2010. This report tracks the energy output of their coal-fueled fleet and uses a projection based on the previous 5-years of data to forecast how well they will be on target.

OPG's main strategy to achieve a reduction in energy from coal is to increase the price of their energy offers by an "emissions adder", currently estimated to be $7.50/tonne of CO2 ($7.35/MWh). You can expect to see this reflected in an increase in the market clearing price when these resources are scheduled in the market.

Update: June 11, 2009. Since forecasting the OPG Emissions began, this report has indicated that OPG will be well below its 20TWh, or 19.6 Million Tonne target for 2009. In order to adjust to such a low demand in coal generation, OPG has twice reduced their fuel adder, with the last change seeing it set to $0/MWh on March 17. The hot summer months, and high demand usually associated with increased air conditioning usage, has yet to arrive. While this may increase the rate of energy output from coal-fueled generation, the impact of the economic recession, inexpensive natural gas prices and the surplus of energy from new natural gas combined-cycle generators will still put downward pressure on the energy from coal. Sygration's current forecast has the energy from OPG Coal generation to be only between 12 TWh and 14 TWh. This is even lower than the target the Ministry of Energy has set for their 2010 emissions.

December 17, 2008

Dashboard Intertie Trader Module

A new module for the Sygration Dashboard was released into production today. The Market Dashboard Intertie Trader provides real-time and historical analysis of the electricity interconnections between Ontario and its neighbors. There are nine screens that include both historical, real-time, and forecast prices for energy flows for these interfaces. Interface prices and flows (where available) include those published from the IESO, MISO, NY-ISO, PJM, ISO-NE, and TransEnergie.

The Intertie Trader also includes several screens dedicated to the Transmission Rights Auction (TRA), where participants bid to own Transmission Rights across specific paths, for a period of time, and are compensated when congestion occurs on those paths. Transmission Rights are financial instruments which traders can use to hedge energy trades from reduced profits due to congestion, but they can also be owned completely independently. The Intertie Trader application provides a full history of the Paths and TRA rights, including historical congestion data, auction pricing data, dynamic nomograms providing a graphical view of coupled rights for NY and MI, and return on investment analysis.

An overview with screenshots of the Intertie Trader is available at

Current subscribers can access the application through the Dashboard, or at

October 22, 2008

Greenfield Energy Centre Begins Commercial Operations

Greenfield Energy Centre

The largest Natural Gas Generating Station on Ontario entered commercial operations this week in Courtright, near Sarnia. The Greenfield Energy Centre, which is a 1050 MW combined cycle natural gas generation station, successfully completed its commissioning phase and began full dispatchable operations on October 17. The station was developed through a limited partnership between Calpine Corporation and Mitsui & Co. Ltd., and was awarded a 20-year clean energy supply contract by the Ontario Power Authority in 2005.

The station utilizes three Siemens-Westinghouse 501F Natural Gas Combustion Turbine Generators, each with a nameplate capacity of 212MW, and one Toshiba Steam Turbine Generator rated at 517MW. The plant uses a modern combined-cycle design to achieve high thermal efficiency while utilizing advanced emission controls, such as Dry Low-NOx combustion and Selected Catalytic Reduction, to reduce green-house gases and carbon dioxide emissions. When operating at full capacity, the unit will surpass the individual 880MW Darlington nuclear units as the largest single generating unit in Ontario.

July 15, 2008

Demand Response Tools for Aggregators

Two application suites are now available for companies that provide Aggregation services to their clients. Sygration's Demand Response Aggregator Manager and ELRP Aggregator Manager are separate services that are hosted from the Sygration site. Both web-based services provide Aggregator Companies with the ability to manage client accounts, generate email alerts based on energy prices or emergency events, and monitor end-user responses through a web interface that is branded with the Aggregator's custom information and corporate logo.

The Demand Response Aggregator Manager was developed for Aggregators that participate in the Ontario Power Authority's (OPA) DR1 voluntary demand response program on behalf of their customers. The back-end server monitors Predispatch energy prices and automatically generates email alerts directly to clients based on their individual strike prices, as well it reports to the Aggregator's administrator. Users are directed to the aggregator-branded site to enter their load curtailment quantity, where the administrator can monitor overall responses or enter them on a client's behalf if necessary.

DR Aggregator Manager (administrator's screen)View PDF File
User Commitment Facility (client's screen)View PDF File

The ELRP Aggregator Manager is suited for Aggregators that participate in the Ontario Independent Electricity Operator (IESO) Emergency Load Reduction Program. The Aggregator administrator creates an ELRP Event by selecting the date and hours to issue (in response to the administrator receiving notification by the IESO). The system then alerts clients using via email and again directs them back to the aggregator-branded application where they can enter their load curtailment quantity.

ELRP Aggregator Manager (administrator's screen)View PDF File
User Response Facility (client's screen)View PDF File

May 22, 2008

Predispatch Convergence and Intertie Congestion Reports

Two long favorite Sygration pages have received tune-ups and were released to Production today; the Ontario Predispatch Convergence Report and the Import / Export Pricing Congestion Report.

The Ontario Predispatch Convergence Report has replaced the fixed $120 price threshold with a user-defined price threshold. Any 3-Hour Ahead Predispatch Price that exceeds your threshold will be flagged on the report. The original $120 price was used for the IESO's Transitional Demand Response Program (TDRP) which ended last year. The threshold you enter is stored in a browser cookie on your computer so it can be automatically retrieved by this page. The report also detects missing Predispatch runs that have failed to be generated (by IESO) or captured (by Sygration) in any hour and shows these on the report.

The Import / Export Pricing and Congestion Report shows energy and operating reserve prices for Ontario and the intertie zones. As before, any historical and forecast congestion is shown by highlighting the prices in red (import congestion) or green (export congestion), and you can choose to hide interface zones which you are not interested in seeing. The new features that have been provided include:

Your settings are stored in a browser cookie and used anytime you visit this page.

May 10, 2008

Portlands and Goreway Stations On-Line

Sithe Goreway Station

Two new gas-fired generation stations began producing significant energy this week.

Sithe Canadian Holdings' 4-unit Goreway Station saw full output on its three gas-turbine units (G11, G12, G13). The station is located in Brampton and uses a massive air-cooled condensor unit for its steam turbines. When its steam turbine unit (G-15) comes on line, the unit will have a total rated output of 880MW.

Portlands Station

In Toronto on the site of the old Ontario Hydro RL Hearn Generating Station, the Portland Station also saw full capability testing of its two gas-turbine units (G1 and G2). The station is owned by Portlands Energy Center LP, a partnership between OPG and TransCanada and provides much-needed energy to the downtown Toronto core. The steam-turbine (G3) is expected to be in service in December 2008 and will give the station a total output capability of 550MW.

November 28, 2007

Sygration Dashboard Reports

Dashboard Reports is a new feature that was added to the Sygration Market Dashboard service today. It is a collection of useful reports that allow subscribers to execute complex data queries directly against the Sygration data warehouse. Using the Sygration Query Express engine, users can view the data on-line or download the data in native Microsoft Excel.

The list of reports is expanding based on feedback and requests by Dashboard subscribers. The list currently includes such reports as:

Dashboard Reports is available only to subscribers of the Sygration Market Dashboard, and can be found at:

July 23, 2007

Paper: Utilizing Shadow Prices in the Ontario Electricity Market

Sygration is pleased to make available the paper Utilizing Shadow Prices in the Ontario Electricity Market. This paper is intended for readers that are familiar with the Ontario electricity market and have dispatchable generators or are considering becoming dispatchable.

The document explains how Shadow Prices can be used to determine theoretical dispatch instructions for various offer strategies. This would be useful to new generators wishing to develop a first-time bidding strategy, or to existing generators wishing to fine-tune their offers to acheive more desirable dispatches. It can also be used by non-dispatchable generators that are considering becoming dispatchable to maximize the opportunity of higher energy prices and to enter the operating reserve market. A technique is shown that uses joint optimization to determine dispatch quantities, market schedules and settlements credits using the historical shadow price data. Finally, the Sygration Generation Market Simulator service is introduced as a commercial alternative to parties considering implementing these techniques in-house.

The paper can be downloaded at

July 9, 2007

Sygration Supply Mix and Zone Map Reports

The Supply Mix Page is one of two new live reports that are available to Sygration Dashboard subscribers. This report combines 4 time-synchronized charts onto one page for showing the relationships between Generator Fuel Supply, Market and Ontario Demand, Intertie flows and Market Prices. The report allows the user to pan and select a specific hour where detailed data will appear for that hour on the right-hand side. Data for the selected hour includes Generator Changes greater than 20MW, Interchange schedules and flows, Market Prices and Generator Outages..

The second report is the Zone Map Page, which provides a live graphical view of Ontario's energy congestion by mapping fifteen Shadow Prices across the province. The map is shown as ten separate regional zones with each having a background color corresponding to the real-time shadow price for that area. The report uses recent Adobe Flash technology and requires the free Flash Player 8 or above plug-in for your browser.

Screen-shots and more information are available at:

Live Reports (Dashboard users only - links are also placed on the Main Dashboard Console):

June 30, 2007

Sygration Demand Response Aggregator Manager

Sygration is pleased to announce the availability of a new Demand Response service for local distributors and energy aggregators. The Demand Response Aggregator Manager is a service provided to companies that offer demand response aggregation services to their customers. The application resides on Sygration's servers and is accessible using a standard web browser, however, it can be branded with the aggregator's own logo.

The application allows the Aggregator administrator(s) to configure individual Strike Prices for each of their participating customers, so that email alerts are automatically generated when the forecast energy price exceeds any Strike Price. The individual email alerts are sent to each Participant, while a summary report is sent to the Aggregator. The application also allows the Aggregator to enter the amount of Committed Demand Response (KW) that each Participant is willing to provide, and tracks an hourly total for submission to a Demand Response Plan sponsor.

Details on the new service is available at

March 1, 2007

Sygration Generator Report Changes

The Ontario Generator Report has undergone a major facelift and includes more valuable data. The changes to the report include:

The report can be viewed at

March 1, 2007

Sygration Market Dashboard New Adequacy Data

Up until last Thursday, the IESO only published Ontario Adequacy data to support the DACP process, meaning this data was not updated beyond the first 4 pre-dispatch versions. They now publish this data for all remaining pre-dispatch runs and have also included forecast Exports for the first time. This data is now available on the Dashboard and will continue to update for each pre-dispatch hour. You may notice on your Dashboard that most items are no longer prefixed with "DACP" but are now prefixed with "ADQ", example "DACP CAPACITY ONT MW" is now "ADQ CAPACITY ONT MW".

Only the "DACP ENERGY $" remains unchanged to reflect the DACP Pre-dispatch of Record, as these prices are used for calculating import intertie failure charges. The smart links to the DACP versions of Pre-dispatch Prices, Adequacy and Reliability reports will continue to be available (top-right of Forecast Window).

While forecast Exports are now included in the data, you may notice that these have been forced to 0 MW for the first four pre-dispatch versions of the day-ahead run. The IESO blocks day-ahead Export bids from entering the market operating system until the DACP process has concluded.

An additional forecast data item labeled "ADQ DOM SUP CUSH %" represents the Ontario Domestic Supply Cushion. This item indicates how much remaining domestic energy, as a percentage of total domestic energy requirements, is available on the stack for each forecast hour. This remaining energy includes both offered but unscheduled Ontario generators, and scheduled Ontario dispatchable loads (which can be dispatched down at high prices). It is a useful indicator of prices and price volatility, and can be negative to indicate that imports will be required to meet the Ontario demand.

The list of available forecast items has been updated in the Dashboard help and overview page. You may view this page at

August 24, 2006

Brookfield Power's Prince Wind Farm On-Line

Prince Wind I began commissioning their wind turbines and are now reporting output and capability data, available on the Sygration site under PRINCEFARM. The wind farm is located in the townships of Prince, Dennis and Pennefather, near Sault Ste. Marie, and is owned by Brookfield Power's subsidiary Superior Wind Prince Power Inc. Prince Wind I is first phase of the wind farm and will have a total capability of 99 MW installed on crown and private land. Prince Wind II will see and additional 90 MW in service by Spring 2007.

Access the current and historical output at

The commissioning activities over the last week have resulted in peak output of between 6 and 12 MW. Ultimately, both phases of Prince Wind will include a total of 126 General Electric wind turbines each with a capability of 1.5MW. The turbines are connected via a 34.5kV buried cable collection system and are transformed for connection to the IESO controlled grid between MacKay TS and Third Line TS.

July 17, 2006

DR Load Shifting Calculator Released

A new demand response tool was release today for industrial and large commercial consumers. The Sygration Demand Response Load Shifting Calculator was developed for companies that are able to shift their power consumption between hours to take advantage of lower cost electricity rates within a day. Using the most recent historical and forecast energy prices, along with the user's planned hourly energy consumption, the Load Shifting Calculator estimates the total expected energy costs for the current or next day. The tool allows the user to adjust their energy plan and shift consumption away from higher-cost hours to reduce total energy costs while meeting their total daily energy requirements. The tool can also be used by energy limited generators (small hydroelectric units with limited water resources) to determine their optimal running schedule.

The Sygration Load Shifting Calculator is currently free of charge to registered uses. More information is available at

May 31, 2006

Market Dashboard Includes DACP

Sygration released a new version of the Market Dashboard today to coincide with the IESO's Day Ahead Commitment Process (DACP). If you are a regular user of the Sygration Dashboard, you will notice several new enhancements:

The Sygration Dashboard is a subscription-based service available only to subscribers. More information and screen-shots are available at