Predispatch Convergence Report Sample


The IESO execute their Unconstrained Predispatch Run every hour to update the forecast of electricity prices for the remainder of the day, as well as for the next day (starting from 11:00 EST today). The Sygration data warehouse stores each version of this forecast and uses it to create a dynamic report that shows how each hourly forecast started and finally ended for the target hour. The forecast prices of each Predispatch Run is shown, allowing you to see the change in forecast from one run to the next. The report is used to give electricity suppliers and consumers a confidence level in the accuracey of the Predispatch Forecast, by showing how the forecast price has converged (or not) as the final hour approaches.

The report also high-lights the 3-Hour Ahead Predispatch. This is used by the IESO to compensate large industrial loads that are participating in their Transitional Demand Response Program, if they are able to reduce their load when the forecast price exceeds $120.00.

Clicking on any of the Hours at the top of the chart will produce a graph showing just the convergence for that hour. Each version's forecast price is plotted along with the final dispatch price (HOEP) if it is available.

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