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Subscription Service Fees

Market Dashboard

The Market Dashboard is licensed on either a monthly payment or annual payment basis. Licenses are sold in groups of accounts, which can be individually assigned to a company's employee or shared among a function (i.e. "Shift Operator", "Outage Desk").

Distributors are permitted to sub-license the Dashboard and provide or resell the accounts to their own customers. Sub-licensing requires a minimum 10-User account and each sub-licensee must be assigned at least 2-Users. The companies that Distributors sublicense the Dashboard to must have a peak load of under 5 MW and must not be directly connected to the IESO-Controlled Grid.

# AccountsAnnual
5-User Base Contact UsContact Us
10-User Base Contact UsContact Us

In addtion, you may choose to rebrand your Dashboard by replacing the Sygration logo with a logo of your own for an additional 20%.

Order Forms

Use one of the forms below to order the Dashboard for your organization, or to sub-licence the dashboard for Local Distribution Companies (LDCs) wishing to grant access to their own large commercial and small industrial customers. The form is required to identify the type of payment option (monthly or annual) and identify the account names covered under the agreement. It also includes the licensing terms.

All prices are in Canadian Dollars. GST/HST Extra where applicable and will be based on the Place of Supply Rules as covered in Canada Revenue Agency's CR Technical Bulletin B-103.