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A sample of our clients:

Greater Toronto Airport Authority   Independent Electricity System Operator   Ontario Power Generation   TransAlta   Chrysler Canada  Goreway Power Station  Shell Energy  Bruce Power  Manitoba Hydro  Powerex  Ford Canada  Rainbow Energy  NRG Matters  Invenergy LLC  NorthPoint Energy  Constellation Energy  Georgia-Pacific  University of Ottawa  Queens University  Roctop Energy  ADM  Essar Steel  Hamilton Community Energy  Strathcona  Unimin  St Andrews Goldmines  Barrick Gold  Bell Canada  Rodan Energy Solutions  Great Lakes Power Limited   StateGroup  TransCanada   St. Clair Energy   Gerdau  Carmeuse  Toyota Canada  Lake Shore Gold  MIT Power  Resolute Forest Products  Brookfied  West Oaks Energy  Nalcor Energy / Newfoundland & Labrador Hydro  Chrysler Canada  Dynasty Energy  Flakeboard  Nova Chemicals  Dynasty Power  Green Bay Energy (GBE Fund)  Hamilton Steel Bar Lafarge  CitiGroup  Capital Power / EPCOR  Tembec  Louis Dreyfus Highbridge Energy  RBC Capital Markets  Portlands Energy Centre  LaFarge Canada  ArcelorMittal-Dofasco  Emera Energy  London District Energy  Veresen  Weyerhaeuser Inc  StateGroup  H2O Power  Howard Huy Greenhouses  Stratadyne Group  Pan Abrasives  Conestoga Cold Storage  Great Lakes Power  Maple Lodge Farm  Nalcor  Norampac / Cascades Canada  Powerex  Irving Tissue  Workbench 

Sygration's focus is to provide technology and data services for the de-regulated electricity market. Clients quickly benefit from Sygration's experience in Information Technology, in-depth technical knowledge of the markets, and access to in-house applications and data.

Market Dashboard

Ontario generators, large industrial loads, energy traders and regulators use the Sygration Market Dashboard suite as a window into the Ontario electricity market. They find that the Dashboard provides a convenient real-time view into the market while providing historical analysis and timely alerts on system events.

Click here for more information on the Sygration Dashboard suite

Notification Service

Our notification service provides a monitoring and communications service that is designed to help clients reduce their Global Adjustment costs through participation in the new Global Adjustment Recovery Method (5CP Global Adjustment Allocation).

Information on our Notification Service

Public and Customer Private Market Scrapers

The system which Sygration developed to capture market data is available to customers that require their own in-house database. At the heart is the same robust system which is used to capture data for the Sygration Oracle 11g data warehouse and feed applications such as the Sygration Market Dashboard, reports, tools and alerts. This system retrieves data from several public sources and can also process data from the customer’s private reports area located on the IESO system. Customer Private data includes secure Revenue Metering data as well as private settlements data.

Contact Sygration to learn more about using the Sygration Market Scraper system within your own company.

Market Simulation Tools

Customers have found Sygration's Market Simulators an excellent way to estimate the benefits and impacts of becoming dispatchable in the Ontario Electricity Market. Both Dispatchable Load and Generation Simulators allow you to test your bids and offers and establish a market strategy long before you commit to becoming dispatchable – or in choosing a location to build.

Click here to access the Market Simulators

Demand Response Tools & Alerts

Most companies that are participating in Ontario's Demand Response Programs – either IESO's TDRP or the OPA's DRP – already use Sygration's email-based alert system to keep them informed of high forecast prices. We have also developed new systems for use by Aggregators that will allow them to set different price thresholds for their clients and provide reporting on alert status, capability MW and commitment MW. This is ideal for aggregators that participate in IESO's ELRP Program or OPA's DR-1 voluntary demand response programs.

Click here for Information on the Manager Application
Click here for Information on the Client Application accessed by End-Users

Ad-Hoc Market Data Services

Sygration’s extensive data warehouse contains a full history of Ontario market data. We provide custom data queries against that database to clients and can deliver raw, or aggregated data to clients in an Microsoft Excel format.

Contact Sygration if you have custom needs for market data.

Query Express Software

Query Express (Qx) is a free software application from Sygration for fast deployment of database queries and reports throughout an organization. It is a complete Web Portal, which includes navigation of on-line report libraries and customer-supplied documentation. Qx gives your users immediate access to all of your organization's database sources using a library of reports located on a central server.

Click here to learn more about Query Express or to download it.