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The Jumbo Market Status is part of the Sygration Market Dashboard Suite. It provides a large view of key metrics of the Ontario Electricity Market, including the current price and demand information. It is ideal for running off of a dedicated computer or large screen so the market status can be viewed quickly by several people.

Jumbo Screen

Data Source

The Sygration Market Scrapers pull data for the Jumbo Market Status page from a different location than other IESO data. It uses the IESO Market at a Glance page, as the data source. That source is not under the same tight production control as the IESO's main Report Server, however, it remains valuable to have as an alternate source should their main server experience technical issues. As a result, you may find that data on the Jumbo screen lags or sometimes is ahead of the data provided in the Sygration Dashboard.

Update Frequency

The data in the Jumbo Screen will update either hourly or every 5 minutes, depending on the item. The IESO Time shown in the top-left identifies the timestamp of the latest data, which is generally the 5-minute data. When a data item changes, its background colour will flash green to indicate an increase from the previous value, or red to indicate a decrease from the previous value.

Data Items

ItemUpdate IntervalDescription
Market Demand 5-Min (MW)5-MinIESO Market Demand for Energy, includes Ontario Demand plus Exports
Market Demand Hour (MW)HourAverage Hourly IESO Market Demand for Energy, includes Ontario Demand plus Exports
Ontario Demand (MW)HourAverage Hourly Ontario Energy Demand, also called Primary Demand.
HOEP ($/MWh)HourHourly Ontario Energy Price
MCP ($/MWh)5-MinOntario Uniform Market Clearing Price for Energy
Uplift Estimate ($/MWh)HourUplift Estimate paid by Loads and Exporters.
IOG Uplift Estimate ($/MWh)HourUplift Estimate attributable to the Import Offer Guarantee.
Imports (MW)HourScheduled Imports for the Hour - Results Delayed
Exports (MW)HourScheduled Exports for the Hour - Results Delayed
Projected Peak (MW)HourProjected Peak (and time in scrolling text) of the Market Demand.

Customizing the Jumbo Screen

You may customize your Jumbo Screen by clicking on the "Edit Layout" link at the bottom-right of the Jumbo screen. From there, you may select the items you wish to display, the order you want them shown, and the size of the main display font to ensure your screen makes use of your monitor's size and resolution. You may also choose to display the scrolling text at the bottom of the display which includes all available items along with the amount the values have changed since the last update interval.

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